Benjamin McFetridge

This project was a challenge to try and integrate motion graphics and typography to depict identity. There were three stages of this project culminating in the video above.

For phase one we had to choose three words from a list to represent a part of our identity. My choices were mechanical, structured and fluid. I made these choices based upon the fact that I used to swim competitively, a sport which took a lot of my time and certainly influenced who I am today.

To connect my chosen words I used the narrative of an early morning training session, this also helped influence and inform my design decisions.

The initial phase one video starts dark, mechanically things become lighter and clearer similar to slowly waking up for the early morning starts. Then the circles begin to rotate, structurally and automatically, akin to going through the routine of getting up, ready and off to the pool. Finally there is the fluid drop into the pool.

During the second phase we watched the documentary Style Wars (1983) on street and graffiti art, it was quite an inspiring factor with a few things that caught my attention and I tried to incorporate into my own work:

The graffiti artists manage to invoke a lot of movement in their works.

The way that each piece was slowly built up layer by layer so precisely where slowly the works came together and made sense.

The precise single lines drawn by hand.

Phase three combines both of the previous phases to create a cohesive motion piece with the aim that at any still taken from the video could be a standalone image. I decided to cut the fluid drop from phase one as it felt quite different and out of place compared to the rest of the movement in the piece.