Benjamin McFetridge

For this project the challenge was using motion design to develop a projection mapping for a given abstract sculpture. Given a song, Mindtunes, and create a motion/video piece based off of the single.

The idea behind my projection mapping came from simply listening to the song. I was trying to imagine what visuals would suit a song that is made using only people’s minds. With my head in my hands listening intently I started to experience entoptic phenomena, with your eyes closed those funky patterns and colours that you ‘see’.

Taking this as a starting point I experimented with, kaleidoscopic effects, patterns, using pulsing trigonometric functions and finally fractals.

The fractals were the most successful as they emulated the effect I was trying for successfully. Fractals also brought out another element of the music that I had noticed; the way that the music feels like it could keep on going on and building up forever.

I had chosen the colours from the beginning of development. My choices were based off of the documentary video for Mindtunes, where everyone involved in the project were all excited and happy to be a part of it. I found the colours from within the production video and from the environment that the music was created in.

For the projection and the structure itself there were three distinct groups of boxes. I addressed this by ensuring the visuals at either side were different to the centre yet still connected and cohesive as a whole. I made the most of the two outside structures and their non perpendicular sides by making the visuals more complex which added further interest as they were also being distorted by the angles of the boxes.